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Abstract Publication

The abstract publishing solution that impresses both your authors & attendees.

eAbstractOnline™ publishes all or selected abstracts of your Meeting online in a search engine-optimized way. Arranges them in topics and includes graphs, images and all kinds of supporting information. Helps visitors search and find any abstract by title, author, institution, or any keyword. Can be open access or password-protected, with our without a fee. Can be used "as is" or tailor-made to the needs, goals and branding of your own Meeting.

Financial options available

eAbstractOnline has been designed to help turn the abstracts in your Conference from a liability into an asset.

By featuring sponsor’s banners and Corporate Identity elements at carefully selected points, eAbstractOnline provides very flexible and targeted brand and product promotion opportunities.
An ideal system for PCOs since it can be incorporated into the Sponsorship package and refund the cost of its use. Get in touch with us at [email protected] for more information about the available options.

Free demo & Quote

Contact us for a free demo and quote at [email protected].